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18. October 2014

end of 24. fruit and oj for breakfast. in defense of kirk cowart. birthday wishes. 2 hour wait = new iphone. welcome to the 21st century. local italian bistro. bar hopping with nick. face time with tara.

what’s good 25?

17. October 2014

It’s some scary shit. I get that. That does not give you the right to air out his family’s personal affairs. That does not give you the right to make this situation about you.

I’m writing this post because he was one of my closest friends all throughout high school. We had a falling out but made amends to a certain degree and we carried on our lives. That won’t make me forget what a kind, caring person he was and still is. I’m not defending his actions by any means, but I’m trying to bring awareness to those who have bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. His family has confirmed he was off his meds when this situation happened and trying their best to get him the help he needs.

So instead of calling him “crazy” or a “psycho” or saying “I always knew he’d do something like this”, why don’t you pick up the phone and ask his mother and his brothers/sister what you can do for them? Why don’t you call the VA office and demand better mental health care for our ex-soldiers?

Why not do ANYTHING other than squawk and babble about the person you think you knew?

16. October 2014

stuffed mushrooms and coffee for breakfast. id channel for two hours with mom. tiffany’s new apartment. romeo pees. on me. yuck. still cute doh. nose pierced. nails did. eyebrows on point. pelon’s for dinner. scandal for dessert. how to get away with murder as a night cap. tara books my appointment. my fro will be gone come black friday.

mourn how you will.

16. October 2014

coffee and oreos for breakfast. laundry. grandma’s with tiffany. tacos for lunch. home. mom and i make dinner. stuffed mushrooms. talked to tara for two hours. read promethea then bed.