the space between
wrestling enthusiast
mother nature is my queen
so is my cat...

forcing myself to take a shower and go to jess and steve’s because if im going to be bummed might as well do it with my friends watching the last raw before night of champions

and I really hate that my go to reaction is to cry about anything that stresses me out but i guess this is just who i am

its just ive worked really hard to put away enough money to support myself off of but its like cool my hours are slowly getting cut at work and i might have to cut out the one thing i was actually excited about (weightlifting) and ive already got that trip to san diego squared away but thats just more $$$ coming out my pocket (BUT I MISS MY BEST FRIEND) so its like cool cool cool i just see everything slowly creeping away from me this is awesome

fuck being in debt. this is ruining my life.

"Maybe in my next life…

your poison won’t reach my mind”

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